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To quiet your mind is to bring calm to all other aspects of your life. We can find this through meditation.

I was raised by my mum, a woman who taught me how to utilise the power of meditation. From a very young age I have tried to incorporate mindfulness into my day-to-day existence. Looking after yourself both mentally and physically is so crucial to be able to function at your prime, making meditation something I owe a lot to.

Meditation doesn’t have to take long, even 5-10 minutes each day will drastically improve your mentality and wellbeing. By taking time out to just exist and observe, to not think or judge, brings with it so many benefits. Getting in touch with your entire self on the regular allows you to easily identify what you need to feel your best. I find that after upping my meditation game to two 10-20 minute sessions a day, I no longer have a desire to do anything that will not be beneficial to my health. I sleep better. I am more motivated. I rarely procrastinate. I eat what my body needs, not what my mind wants me to. My patience has grown. My mood has drastically changed. I am so much happier than ever before.

Meditating might not come naturally to everybody. Depending on where you’re at mentally, it may be quite difficult to silence your thoughts. With practice and patience, it is more than achievable. Start small. Try a guided meditation for 5 minutes once every day or two (try an app like smiling mind) and with consistency, your wellbeing will begin to improve. Taking time to cater to yourself improves your self-worth.Watch your anxieties and inhibitions disappear, because in time they will.

Look after yourself. Drive slow homie.


Meeting new people is one of the most refreshing things in the world. On the other hand, spending time with people you’ve known for a while is also good for the soul. Bring these two together and you have something magic. On Thursday I did something I haven’t done in a very long time – collaborate. My beautiful friend and stylist Kate Harper, my new friend and very talented blogger Crystal, and myself teamed up to style up a storm and take lots of photos of the process. Between us we put together an obscene amount of looks so I’ve refined it down to my three favourites. Expressing your personality through personal style is so much fun and to come together with two other girls with very different styles to my own was so refreshing. 

Being able to push yourself is an incredible skill to have. To be able to meet new people and make art is so special. If I could stress one thing it would be to always be open to meeting new people. Forget expectations. Take the ideas in your head and manifest them into being. Push your skills with the resources you have and you can make something beautiful.


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Kate // @katelharper


I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.

What that reason may be is sometimes a little more hidden and can sometimes take time to understand. 2016 was a big year, I learned a lot, but even more importantly I grew as an individual. At the start of every year I feel that it is helpful to write a list of goals or objectives to strive to achieve over the coming twelve months and I distinctly remember making one major decision; 2016 will be the year the I do things the way I want.

What you can achieve with a little bit of perseverance is pretty incredible. Strangely, I can’t even remember much of anything prior to the start of 2016 because so much has changed, mentally and physically. I manifested new work opportunities, new friends and new adventures. I learned to skate. I shot over 30 rolls of film. I learned to walk away from toxic relationships and live solely for myself. I’ve explored new depths of myself, and found others doing the same. Once you discover manifestation and learn to let go, you’d be amazed at what unexpected opportunities come knocking.

The diving reason behind why I’m writing this is to share the idea that whatever you want, you can manifest into reality. Be specific in choosing a couple of main goals, make sure your body, mind and soul are whole-heartedly ready for the changes that need to occur in order to make room for new facets of your life. Accept every opportunity to grow and educate yourself. Allow yourself to struggle. Ask for help when you need it. But most importantly, work your absolute ass off because I promise you, it WILL pay off.

May 2017 be full of better things…

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“Welcome to the GongCrete Jungle” is an exhibition with over 20 local emerging and established artists, curated by Nicci Bedson. The opening night went down on Thursday 1st September 6pm, proudly sponsored by Coopers. The exhibition is the gallery’s first art prize and will see the winner receive $500 prize. Other prizes will include vouchers sponsored by The Little Prince and Quay Collective. The winner will be announced on the closing night of the exhibition; Sunday 11th September 6pm …

The show will be at Moving Mountains Gallery between August 31st and September 11th (Hours Wed – Sun 10 – 4)  so stop by and vote for your favourite Gong-esque artwork…

Exhibiting Artists:

Bec O’Shea, Christopher Zanko, Ross Dinnerville, Sion Griff, Brett Randall, Ellie Kaufmann, Kiara Mucci, Stacie Sims, Katelyn Slyer, Nicci Bedson, Bec Yatesm, James Lewis, Morgannah Noble, Emma Burrows, Channy KB Photography, Tom Healy, Hayley O’Brien, Luke Player, Keziah Sugarat, Zafiro Chiossoni, Lauren Horwood Photographer, Sam Clouston, Alexander James Reely & Tegan Georgette.